Friday, September 16, 2011

Just words

So I'm actually in the car now, waiting, and decided to just try this new blogger app... Anyways so this post will actually be kinda random as I would just be talking about whatever that comes to my mind on the moment.

So like the hols has started for quite a while, in fact I think there are only I think 33 days left? Aiyo but haven't really been doing anything much leh, like ok I've built my furnitures, and my room is still sorta in a mess ( have been wanting to do a post on my room for the loooooongest time), to really lose some fats, which obviously fails everytime. So many things I have yet to do, I'm like so freaking lazy to set up my apts with the relevant doctors, like dental and what not, and like art and craft stuff like customizing my own shoes and files heh... Oh ya and I haven even got my driving license yet. I'm so lost with the procedures for getting an instructor considering that I'm a private student, and my dad has been like telling me to sign back up as a student with the driving centre, arrgh complicated.

Btw I think I desperately need tuition for accounting, cus I'm pretty sure that my marks for mid years are gonna suck big time. I think I also need more ppl in my life, like more friends/close friends whatever, just that I sorta have like a wall built up around me, and it's gonna take ppl a long tine to try to break that down, in socially awkward, period.

I will be setting up the "MY SHOP" section pretty soon, and mostly selling my pre-loved stuff and a few pre-orders if there are demand for it. So I hope u guys can stay tuned and spread the word around... Lol feel so thick skin. I'm like basically just trying to figure out my HTML stuff now.

Shit, stuck in a jam now, which is totally retarded.

Sometimes I wonder, are there really ppl reading my blog, or they just happen to chance on it? Kinda feels like to talking to myself sometimes.

yayness for tomorrow cus I will be going to the scape flea, like finally!!!! Wanting to go to flea for a loooong time!

Arrgh seriously hungry. Need to omnomznomz.

With the holidays, comes my ultra hideous sleeping pattern. Like literally for the first week I was sleeping like at 7/8/9 am every morning and waking up at like 7. Kinda crazy...

Seriously I feel that my Blog is kinda messy, like I would just blog whatever that comes to my mind, and sometimes so lazy to even blog, I have like 5 backdated entries, 2 of which are the Audi Fashion Festival and the Topshop social media event.

Ok gtg now